Consider a group of inventive artists, visionaries, migrating towards
your singular goals. Imagine your potential and we fulfill it.
We conceptualize greatness, creating iconic art that is compelling,
striking and memorable at once. We communicate big ideas in a second’s time.

Who We Are:
Born in 2008, Visionary+Flock is a boutique agency that specializes in brand creation and conceptual design. As a diverse group of designers, developers and artists, we draw on our collective creative talents to communicate a larger vision. We are passionate about design and are currently focused on creating awareness for our growing list of clients through its impact.

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Endurance
Web Design + Development

Brand and design identity is how you wish consumers to perceive your company. Your brand name, logo, communication style and other visual components are key elements for relaying this image. Not only do we create brands, we also craft the visual identity and establish brand guidelines to protect the brand no matter who works within it.

No one knows your product or target demographic better than you. What you communicate about your brand both visually and verbally is crucial in establishing a relationship with your customer. We facilitate this relationship by developing an approach that will create both customer awareness and advocacy for your brand. Bottom line: let's make a plan for telling your story.

We respect brands because we create them everyday. Brand Endurance is what we call our special ability to work within existing brands. Knowing how far to push a brand when working in and around it is crucial to our clients, and particular care is taken with the visual and verbal cues that communicate their company image.

Your website is the online window to your business and should reflect the quality of your services. As experienced designers and developers, we are aware that there are effective and ineffective approaches to creating a website, and are able to translate that knowledge into impactful and beautiful online experiences.